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Happy hens lay happy eggs. You can’t get eggs fresher than these! Laid within 24 hours before they went to the markets. My breakfast this morning. @longpaddockeggs from the @growersmarketpyrmont introduced to me by @straight_to_the_source last Saturday with tomatoes on chimichurri sauce (thanks to @labocasydney, I still have it, almost all gone) spread on Lebanese flat bread. I was going to add avocado but just realised I didn’t have any. Their hens are free to roam in the paddock. I’m a big fan of chooks roaming free and love it even more when they are captured on video footage. Check out their Instagram and chook footage. Of course, some of you might have seen my chook footage of the free range chooks on @norfolk.island last year that went a bit viral. Love chooks, they have so much character. Happy Monday ☺💕

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A farm to table experience yesterday morning. The Pyrmont Growers Markets are back in Sydney! Rain, hail or shine, I…

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Choc chip biscuit by @badassbiscuitco from the Pyrmont Growers Market on Saturday. #gifted

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